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Magnesium Threonate 60s

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Magnesium is a cofactor for more than 300 enzymes. However, studies have shown poor penetration of serum magnesium across the blood-brain barrier and thus not all forms of magnesium can elevate brain magnesium, but supplementation with magnesium threonate has been demonstrated to do so. * Magnesium plays a critical role in supporting the central nervous system * The brain is a significant consumer of energy, and magnesium is a cofactor for ATP (the energy currency of all cells) and thus essential for energy producing and consuming reaction * Synapses are the connections between brain cells that allow one nerve cell to communicate with the next, it is now known that new synapses can form. Magnesium plays an important role in the modulation of synaptic plasticity (the ability of synapses to strengthen/weaken). Thus, magnesium is important for memory and learning * Magnesium is a cofactor in the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone * Magnesium threonate has the ability to elevate brain magnesium * Suitable for men, women, and children (aged 12 and over).

Size: 60 Capsules

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