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1:1 Health Coaching & Consultations with Kate Living

Work with me on a 1:1 basis to discover the most radiant, vibrant and energised version of yourself.

How you can work with me:

There are a number of ways in which you can work 1:1 with me to step into your healthiest, and most confident self.

I also offer at home blood testing to look at inflammation, Vitamin D levels, blood sugar and gut health (this testing is available globally).

  • 30 MINUTE 1-1 CONSULTATION: £88 (via Zoom)
  • 60 MINUTE 1-1 CONSULTATION: £155 (via Zoom)
  • 1:1 HEALTH COACHING: Price based on package (4 month period)

Our most exclusive and transformative package is to work 1:1 for 4 months with me to create optimal health, so you meet your most radiant, vibrant and energised self!

This is an exciting and empowering journey of self care and self discovery, gaining the tools, support and testing specific to your personal health to create sustainable changes for a lifetime.

I know you're sick of going in circles ...

You're trying all the 'right things' from your supplements to eating healthy, but you don't seem to be making any significant or lasting changes to your health and mental wellbeing. You're feeling 'rubbish' most of the time, as soon as one illness goes, another appears and even though your blood tests may come back as 'normal', you can just feel that something is off in your body.

You're trying to do your own research, take the right supplements and get to the root cause of what's wrong via Google, but getting completely overwhelmed and confused and not sure what's best to implement into your busy life.

You're struggling with ...

  • Poor immunity, unresolved health issues and ongoing illnesses.
  • Hormonal imbalances, like heavy, painful periods, mood swings, PMS, PMDD, PCOS, endometriosis, perimenopause, menopause, infertility or irregular cycles.
  • Skin issues like acne, inflamed or ageing skin and hair thinning or falling out.
  • Digestive problems like bloating, constipation, gas or IBS.
  • Feeling fatigued, overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed, anxious or low mood.
  • Experiencing brain fog, poor memory or energy crashes throughout the day.
  • Struggling with sleep or waking up still tired no matter how much sleep you get.
  • A crappy relationship with food, uncertainty of what's best to eat for you, irregular appetite, overeating, sweet or salty food cravings.
  • Low libido, lack of motivation or lack of self confidence.
  • Struggle to lose weight, weight gain, sluggish metabolism and low thyroid.

BUT you're ready to gain 1-1 support, knowledge and accountability to create sustainable health. This isn't about investing in a 4 month coaching programme, but gaining the tools, testing and expertise to meet the healthiest and happiest version of you for a lifetime!

This is exactly what Kate Living coaching is all about:

With my 1-1 support, testing and  a deep dive into your history around food, recurring illnesses and lifestyle factors, we get to the ROOT cause of your symptoms and imbalances, so we can create a personalised game plan so that you feel informed and empowered about showing up for your health consistently and most importantly, in a way you ENJOY!

Working with me is different:

I don't believe in quick fixes and magic pills (especially from a previous career in Pharmaceuticals) and I don't believe that health is all physical either. I'm not going to give you a meal plan and list of supplements and tell you "to get on with it', my work is about creating long-term sustainable change and making it fit around your lifestyle, whether that's a mum, someone who's career focused or someone who just leads a busy life, I make sure it works for YOU.

With a background in Pharmaceuticals, functional medicine, naturopathic nutrition and also a yoga teacher, we take a three pronged approach that includes:

The body:

My work includes testing, so we don't have to do any guess work when it comes to what's going on in your body and getting to the root cause. We can also retest at the end of the 4 months, to see the progress you've made on the programme and will continue to build on with the knowledge, tools and insight you will gain throughput our time together.

I provide a personalised plan to support you with the nutrition that is going to get you the results you want and a supplements plan to accelerate your progress.

The mind:

Physical ailments and dis-ease in the body, is often symptomatic of emotional imbalances, such as repressed anger, irritability, grief, guilt and so on. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) different organs of the body relate to various emotional states, for example, an imbalance in the liver and hormones can be felt as anger and anxiety, imbalances in the lungs can be felt as grief and sadness, and so on.

Our emotional state also has a direct impact on what’s on our plate and how our bodies respond to different foods. We will work on how you’re feeling, managing your stress, building your self worth, supporting you into a happy, healthy relationship with food, so you can feel empowered and excited about what is possible for you and your health. 

Lifestyle changes:

Knowledge means nothing without implementation, which is why I’m here to support you to apply these changes into your life in a way that’s exciting, enjoyable and sustainable. This is the start of health habits for LIFE - you’re not investing in a 4 month coaching programme, but a springboard to the happiest, healthiest version of you for a lifetime!

What to expect:

  • 4 months of 1:1 coaching, which includes 1 x 90 minute kick-off call & 7 x 60 minute calls over the course of the 4 months.
  • Blood testing for inflammation, Vitamin D, blood sugar and/or gut health with lab result interpretation.
  • Our inflammation testing is a unique and insightful blood test which looks at inflammation levels in the body and how we can reduce this. This is the key to unlocking longevity at a cellular level, radically transforming your immunity, energy and vitality!
  • Inflammation retest after 4 months to analyse progress during the 4 months and how we can continue to build on this.
  • Optional Vitamin D, Blood Sugar and Gut Health testing.
  • Lifetime access to all the trainings we will cover from mindset work to support your health, to lifestyle tools, recipes and meditations.
  • 10% discount and free shipping across all Kate Living supplements.
  • A personalised protocol with nutrition, lifestyle & supplements specific to you, your symptoms and most importantly, your solutions that we use as a guide for our work together.
  • Access to the ‘Kate Living Coaching’ app to log food diaries, sleep patterns, hormones and chat directly with me whenever you need support.

Ready to work with me to create your best health yet & enjoy the process?

Complete the consultation form below or view our booking page to find out more & so we can look at the most suitable options for you.

For 1:1 health coaching, we will have a complimentary discovery call to discuss your personal health goals and whether this is the best fit for you.