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We are proud to offer the world's best vegan Collagen - VOLLAGEN®

This ground-breaking formula is clinically-proven to boost collagen levels in the body in just 60 days!

Furthermore, due to its increased bioavailability compared to animal-derived collagen, far smaller doses are needed - just 2 x capsules a day is required to achieve optimal benefits!

VOLLAGEN® also provides the building blocks for ALL 28 human collagen types (TYPE I, TYPE II, Type III, etc).

What is Collagen?

 Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the body. It is used to synthesise connective tissue found in the BONE, SKIN, MUSCLES, TENDONS, LIGAMENTS & BLOOD VESSEL WALLS. There are 28 types of Collagen in the body*, with the 3 main types being:

Type I

·         The most abundant type. 

·         Key to your skin's elasticity + hydration.

·         Helps prevent fine lines + wrinkles.

·         Adds strength to nails, teeth, hair + bones.

Type II

·         Found in cartilage.

·         Helps provide the structure for your body.

·         Supports the health of your spinal discs + eyes.

Type III

·         Crucial for gut health.

·         Critical component of your intestines, muscles + blood vessels.

·         Helps protect your joints.

However the type of collagen you consume doesn't matter, as the body will break it down into peptides and transport it to the areas of the body which need it most.

VOLLAGEN® provides the building blocks for ALL human collagen types

(TYPE I, TYPE II, Type III, etc) and supplementing with Vollagen® allows the body to utilise these building blocks in the most appropriate ways, depending on individual needs.

What affects Collagen?

Collagen production and quality diminishes with age. In fact, collagen depletion starts as early as age 25, so that by the age of 50, collagen levels are typically reduced by around 50%.

Other factors that affect and diminish collagen production are:

·         Excess sun exposure.

·         Free radical damage, alcohol and smoking.

·         Poor diet + nutritional deficiencies.

·         Inactivity + over exercising.

Factors that promote + strengthen collagen production:


supports hydroxylation of proline and lysine in collagen, which binds collagen fibrils more tightly.


increases the hydrating and tissue-repair capacity of the skin, whilst also supporting the integrity of the collagen in the bone matrix, tendons and ligaments.


· SILICA has been shown to stimulate collagen-building fibroblasts, as well as boosting Hyaluronic Acid production.

· COPPER stabilises and strengthens collagen by helping to connect collagen fibrils to create a stronger collagen network. 


such as pine bark, grape seed, reseratrol and astaxanthin to protect against oxidative and inflammatory damage.


Collagen supplementation has become a popular and effective way to provide the raw materials needed to maintain and enhance the connective tissues within the body.

It was thought that animal-derived collagen was the only source of Collagen, until recently when researchers found a way to create BIO-IDENTICAL, plant-sourced Collagen thus producing VOLLAGEN®.

VOLLAGEN® is is a complex of amino acids in the same positions and proportions as those found within human collagen, but with the following advantages over typical animal-derived collagen supplementation: 

· VOLLAGEN® is 100% suitable for vegans and vegetarians. 

· The amino acids are already isolated and, therefore, readily absorbed into the body.

· Independent consumer testing has shown incredible results within 60 days of use. 

In collaboration with Ayton Global Research (AGR), a leading and award-winning independent global consumer testing organisation, a 60-day study was carried out featuring 55 women aged 30-60 yrs who were given 1000mg of Vollagen® per day (2 x capsules).

In collaboration with Ayton Global Research (AGR), a leading and award-winning independent global consumer testing organisation, a 60-day study was carried out featuring 55 women aged 30-60 yrs who were given 1000mg of Vollagen® per day (2 x capsules).

After 60 days of use, subjects reported that with regular use they experienced numerous benefits, including:

·         Firmer, more hydrated skin.

·         Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

·         Even skin tone and enhanced radiance.

·         Reduction of dark circles around eyes.

·         Supple, smoother skin.

·         Reduction in breakouts and blemishes.

·         Skin appears healthier and complexion looks brighter.

·         Stronger, healthier nails.

• VOLLAGEN® is composed of the same 18 Amino Acids as Human Collagen*

• The orange bars (on the graph) show the levels and ratios of amino acids in Human Collagen, the blue bars show the identical composition of Vollagen®.

*Source: The Amino Acid Composition of Mammalian Collagen and Gelatin. J.E. Eastoe, The British Gelatine and Glue Research Association.

Vollagen® is a registered trademark of Chrysalis Health & Beauty Ltd.


Advanced Beauty Complex made with VOLLAGEN®

We also have our new Advanced Beauty Complex which contains 1000mg VOLLAGEN® Amino Acid Complex - the same as VOLLAGEN® Complex, as well as a range of potent antioxidants for additional beauty benefits!

Advanced Beauty Complex made with VOLLAGEN®