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Fertility and Pregnancy

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To support your journey of conception to creation.

Embrace fertility with this pure, natural and scientifically-approved protocol specifically designed to provide the essential nutrients for healthy conception and to support you on your pregnancy journey.

The Prenatal Complex included in this bundle contains 400mg folate - the most bio-available form of folic acid (no need to take additional folic acid).

Pro tip:

- Ideally take at least 90 days ahead of planned conception for optimal results.

- You can also add on CoQ10 Advanced at checkout for added fertility benefits and receive a 4% discount!

- Men can also take the Viridian Fertility for Men to support male fertility, sperm mobility and health.

- Continue with this protocol for breastfeeding to support mother and baby.

- You can also add on our Microflora Complex throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding to support healthy breast milk and your baby’s immunity. 


 Bundle Sizes:

Newbie (lasts 1 - 2 months): 50 capsule bottles and 60 capsules Omega 3 (displayed in the images above).

Nourisher (lasts 2 - 3 months): 100 capsule bottles and 120 capsulesOmega 3 (displayed in the images above).

*Full dosage directions below

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