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Advanced Berberine Complex 60s

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Natroceutics Berberine Complex acts as a potent AMPK activator in the body. It has been developed using a specialised delivery technology which results in a rapid uptake, longer action, increased bioavailability and overcomes the challenges of regular berberine supplementation, whilst remaining scientifically validated.


  • Potent AMPK Activator
  • Weight Loss
  • Blood Sugar Control
  • Metabolic Syndrome and related conditions
  • Balancing Gut Biome

How it works: 

One of the most powerful natural compounds, berberine is a potent AMPK (adenosine monophosphate protein kinase) activator in the body — known as the ‘metabolic master switch’ — to regulate blood sugar levels, blood pressure, healthy cholesterol levels and body composition. AMPK can be activated naturally through calorie restriction and exercise.

The primary mode of action for metformin, a major pharmaceutical drug for diabetes, is the activation of AMPK. When used correctly, berberine can be an effective AMPK activator and offers other significant health advantages. However, standard berberine supplementation may have limited results for some, as oral absorption can be comprised.

Natroceutics Berberine Complex, therefore, has been developed using specialised delivery technology which overcomes the challenges of regular berberine supplementation whilst remaining scientifically validated.

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