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Saffron Bioactive Affron® Extract

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Natroceutics Bioactive Saffron is our brand-new and highly innovative saffron supplement.

It exclusively uses Saffron Affron® Extract which is regarded as the world’s leading saffron extract and is certified organic.

This saffron extract for mood improvement has the largest number of published studies on the market. It is a feel-good supplement with a highly specialised affron® saffron extract which may help to:

• Maintain a positive, healthy mood.

• Relieve mood swings, anxiety and PMS.

• Provide support to stress eaters and over eaters.

This standardised extract has been patented, using a specific extraction method that assures consistent results and quality each time it is used.

Saffron® has become the most researched saffron extract on the market, used by clinicians around the world, to safely and effectively manage and support the mental health of their patients.

Clinicians searching for both effective, as well as safe treatments and supportive aids, to mental health conditions have been turning to Saffron extract. 

Science has shown the traditional use of saffron as a nervous system sedative through various clinical trials involving humans. This body of evidence has shown that saffron extract may support various condition related to mental health.

Over and above its clinically-proven efficacy for stress, sleep and mood-related conditions, it has been regarded safe as a standalone substance or when used with an integrative approach. 

Saffron can also be taken alongside anti-anxieties and anti-depressants for clients looking to migrate to natural mood-supportive supplements with no side effects - feel free to consult with your GP.

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