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liver cleanse bundle

Spring Cleanse: Revitalise Your Liver Naturally

Welcome to the season of renewal! As we step into spring, it’s the perfect time to refresh our bodies and minds. And what better way to start than by giving our liver the attention it deserves? 

Spring Equinox: March 20th 2024

Supporting the liver during the spring equinox is crucial, as this is when the body naturally yearns for renewal, cleansing, and detoxification. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the liver comes into power during the spring, making it the perfect time to embrace our Spring Cleanse bundle, and prepare yourself for the blossoming season of self care and vitality.

In this blog, we’ll explore:

  1. The importance of the liver

  2. Benefits of a Spring cleanse

  3. Our brand new Spring Cleanse bundle 

  4. Tips for a successful cleanse 

The Importance of the Liver:

Our liver, often hailed as our body's longevity organ, plays a vital role in keeping us healthy and vibrant. It serves as the main detoxifier, sifting through the toxins we encounter daily, be it from the air we breathe, the foods we enjoy, or even the products we use for self care and cleaning.

Functioning through three distinct pathways, our liver acts as a natural filter, diluting toxins and aiding in their safe removal through collaboration with our digestive system. However, when our liver isn't at its best, these toxins can make their way back into our bloodstream, leading to a range of health issues, including inflammation and autoimmune reactions, and showing up as symptoms like eczema, acne, brain fog, headaches, and fatigue.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver isn't just about detoxification, it's also seen as a keeper of emotional burdens, particularly linked to feelings of anger, anxiety and sadness. When our liver is overburdened or not properly cared for, it can affect not only our physical wellbeing but also our emotional state, leaving us feeling irritable, anxious or resentful.

Beyond its detox role, the liver plays a pivotal part in many bodily functions, including energy production, hormone balance, and mood regulation. Yet, despite its significance, we often overlook the TLC our liver deserves. Just like your car engine needs a regular MOT to run smoothly, so does the ‘engine’ of your body. By recognising its importance and adopting practices to nurture its health, we can ensure our body's engine runs smoothly for years to come. Fortunately, we have the Liver Lover bundle, the perfect solution to support your liver's wellbeing and overall vitality.

Benefits of a Spring Cleanse:

With modern living, it's no wonder our livers can feel overwhelmed. From the daily stresses we encounter to the multitude of environmental pollutants, not to mention our indulgences in alcohol, caffeine, and convenient foods, our poor livers have a lot on their plates. Even individuals who abstain from alcohol and maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle need to actively support their liver for optimal health. It's a common misconception that the liver is only affected by alcohol consumption, but this couldn't be further from the truth. 

As a result, we're seeing a rise in hormonal imbalances, sleep disturbances, mood swings, and inflammatory conditions among the population. That's why giving our livers some extra care with a spring cleanse is exactly what the body ordered.

Some of the benefits found through liver cleansing:

  • Clarity of Mind: Say goodbye to brain fog & hello to enhanced focus.

  • Weight Management: Support your metabolism for better weight management.

  • Digestive Balance: Less bloating, constipation, & other digestive woes.

  • Fluid Balance: Reduced water retention & improved lymphatic flow.

  • Blood Sugar Control: Keep cravings at bay with balanced blood sugar levels.

  • Emotional Balance: Feel a sense of calm as anger bursts reduce, anxiety lowers & mood stabilises.

  • Radiant Health: Unlock glowing skin, lustrous hair, & strong nails.

  • Inflammatory Relief: Reduce bothersome skin conditions like eczema & acne.

  • Hormonal Harmony: Improved hormonal balance with fewer PMS & menopause symptoms.

  • Vitality: Feel a surge of energy & motivation with less feelings of fatigue & sluggishness.

If these benefits resonate with you and you feel like you've been searching for exactly this kind of transformation, then keep reading for more information on what you need to do next.

Our brand new Spring Cleanse bundle

We're excited to share with you our bespoke Spring Cleanse bundle, expertly created to support you through this transition. Our aim is to ensure you make the most out of the changing seasons, allowing growth and abundance to radiate through every aspect of your life!

What’s in the bundle:

Advanced Beauty Complex with Collagen by Terranova:

This revolutionary product by Terranova, is unlike anything else on the market. Its unique amino acid blend of collagen mirrors the profile found in human collagen, enhancing the bioavailability as your body readily absorbs it. Not only does it provide essential collagen for the structural integrity of your entire body, but it also contains a blend of powerhouse ingredients:

  • Matcha Green Tea: Supports metabolism.

  • Gotu Kola: Enhances skin health.

  • Hyaluronic Acid: Promotes hydration.

  • Pine Bark Extract and Astaxanthin: Provides antioxidant protection.

  • Silica: Supports collagen production for healthy joints, skin, hair, & nails.

  • Biotin: Clinically studied for strengthening & supporting growth of hair.

This product earns its spot in our Spring Cleanse bundle by offering essential nutrients for repair, restoration, and rejuvenation of the entire body and its beauty. Clients have reported remarkable improvements in both physical and emotional wellbeing, making it an invaluable addition. 

Plus, with the inclusion of watercress and nettle leaf, it offers additional liver support, synergising perfectly with the rest of the bundle for a holistic cleanse and recharge to welcome the blossoming spring season.

Milk Thistle by Terranova:

Milk thistle is celebrated for its abundant health benefits, particularly its impressive impact on liver health and detoxification. At the heart of its effectiveness is silymarin, a compound known for its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Silymarin is believed to shield the liver from the harmful effects of toxins, while also aiding in the recovery of a sensitive liver.

This herb works its magic by stimulating the production of enzymes crucial for detoxification. Additionally, it offers bile promoting benefits, which not only aid in digestion but also enhance the absorption of essential nutrients, including those fat soluble vitamins we all need.

The inclusion of milk thistle in our Spring Cleanse bundle underscores its potent detoxification benefits and remarkable protective qualities. As we journey through the changing seasons, milk thistle lends a helping hand in clearing away waste, paving the path for a refreshed and revitalised season ahead.

Glutathione Sertia SOD Advanced by Natroceutics:

Meet Glutathione, the liver's master antioxidant that silently fortifies your body's resilience, ensuring you're prepared to face the challenges of everyday life.

Glutathione takes center stage in detoxification, acting as a guardian for your liver and ensuring every cell is equipped to thrive. And that's not all, with the addition of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), also known as ‘the youth molecule,’ an extra layer of antioxidant magic is introduced. SOD steps in to shield your body from oxidative stress, lending support not just to your liver but to every single cell, nurturing their vital functions and promoting longevity.

Plus, the patented French melon extract in the brand new and market-leading formulation, is also proven to reduce cellulite in just 6 weeks, helping to put an extra spring in your step as we head towards summer.

The inclusion of Glutathione in our Spring Cleanse bundle was a natural choice. Offering a transformative force for energy production, glutathione has an extraordinary ability to elevate energy levels and overall vitality. Its unrivalled antioxidant benefits make it an essential addition, particularly for nurturing liver health and overall wellbeing.

Glutathione is the key to feeling rejuvenated, replenished, and restored. Plus, it's believed to contribute to brightened skin, and when paired with the fabulous addition of SOD and patented French melon extract, it offers a flawless glow with anti-ageing benefits, giving you that radiant glow from the inside out just in time for the spring awakening.

Tips for a Successful Cleanse

In addition to our tailored Spring Cleanse bundle, here are some extra tips to boost your liver cleanse and help you blossom into the most vibrant, energised, and focused version of yourself:

  • Increase your Greens: Up your intake of leafy green and cruciferous vegetables - one of the easiest ways to do this is to have a daily green smoothie with spinach, broccoli etc. Alternatively, consider incorporating our Intense Greens for a potent and convenient boost.

  • Embrace Fermented Foods: Introduce fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi to your diet. These foods support gut health by introducing beneficial bacteria and enhancing microbial diversity.

  • Hydrate Wisely: Ideally opt for filtered water to avoid potential contaminants like heavy metals and hormonal residues found in tap water. Stay hydrated aiming for 3 litres throughout the day to aid in flushing out excess toxins.

  • Start Your Day Right: Kickstart your mornings with a refreshing cup of hot water and lemon. Consider reducing or eliminating tea and coffee (swapping for matcha or herbal teas), as the liver may prioritise metabolising these beverages over eliminating stagnant wastes.

  • Stress Management: Incorporate stress relief practices into your daily routine. Whether it's spending time in nature, reading a book, meditating, breathwork, practicing yoga, or indulging in a soothing massage, prioritise activities that promote relaxation.

  • Move Your Body: Make physical activity a daily habit, even if it's just a brisk 10 minute walk outdoors. Exercise plays a crucial role in supporting detoxification and overall health.

  • Choose Natural Cleaning Products: Explore cleaning products that steer clear of harsh chemicals. Opting for gentler alternatives can contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment for your liver to thrive.

  • Indulge in Epsom Salt Baths: Treat yourself to luxurious Epsom salt baths 1-2 x week, as a restful addition to your cleanse. These baths not only promote relaxation but also replenish your body with essential minerals like magnesium.

  • Prioritise Rest and Sleep: Ensure you get plenty of rest and quality sleep each night. The body performs its most remarkable processes during periods of rest, particularly concerning liver repair and regeneration.

By incorporating these simple yet effective tips into your cleansing journey, you'll provide your liver with the support it needs to thrive.

Spring Cleanse Ready: Are You?

As you welcome the season of renewal with open arms, don't forget to give your liver the care it deserves. Armed with the right knowledge and support, you can embark on a journey towards revitalised vitality and overall wellbeing.

Are you prepared to revitalise your liver and embark on a journey to a healthier you? Explore our new products and start your spring cleanse today!

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