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Bio-Curcumin Advanced® with BCM95® & AKBAMAX® 60s

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Bio-Curcumin Advanced® is a potent and synergistic combination of BIO-CURCUMIN BCM95®, a highly bioavailable curcumin extract supported by 63 clinical studies, along with AKBAMAX®, a specialized, extensively researched, standardized Boswellia serrata extract, 5 x more potent than others.

Proven to deliver up to 7 x more-bioactive ’free’ curcumin which stays in the body for up to 8 hours, Bio-Curcumin® BCM95® with AKBAMAX® is a powerful blend of the most bioavailable components of Turmeric and Boswellia providing a high-potency formula with superior absorption and fast acting support for a healthy inflammation response, joint mobility and flexibility.

Vegan friendly, FREE of GMO/Sugar/Gluten/Soya/anything artificial

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