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L-Lysine 30s

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L-lysine is an essential amino acid, essential amino acids must be supplied by the diet, the body cannot synthesise them. Amino acids are compounds used by the body for a number of functions including to form proteins, they are often referred to as the building blocks of protein. Proteins are required by the human body for the repair, maintenance and growth of tissue where they perform structural roles. Proteins are also important for enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters (brain chemicals). The body cannot synthesise L-lysine so it must be wholly supplied by the diet. It is therefore referred to as an essential amino acidImportant dietary sources of L-lysine are meat, eggs, soy, black beans, quinoa and pumpkin seeds Each capsule of Cytoplan’s new vegan L-Lysine provides 500mg of L-lysine (the form of lysine that is naturally occurring in food)

Size: 30 Capsules

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