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Nutri Bears 90s

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Contains a full spectrum of nutrients (including all the B vitamins, vitamin E, zinc and iodine) at appropriate levels for children. This improved formula now features 50μg of folate (20μg as folic acid, 30μg as l-methylfolate) and 25μg of selenium per bear. With natural colours and flavours: the red colour of the gummies comes from black carotene (which contains flavonoids called anthocyanins) and paprika - the flavour is from concentrated strawberry juice and the base is pectin (a type of soluble fibre). Nutri Bears contain the three vitamins (vitamins A, C and D) the UK Government recommend that children under five supplement with. Each bear has 250μg of vitamin A, 10μg of vitamin D3 and 10mg of vitamin C Nutrients are in a bioavailable form and gentle on the tummy. Includes pectin - a type of soluble fibre Specially designed for children over three years old and teenagers, but suitable for adults too. These gummies are not suitable for children under three years of age Suitable for vegetarians and vegans (no gelatine) Nutri Bears is designed to be taken alongside our Kids Immunovite (code 3212)

Size: 90 Capsules

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