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Pure & Wild Omega 3

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Proud stockists of the world’s Purest Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement.

Pure and Wild Omega 3 is the world’s leading omega 3 supplement, produced to the highest level of purity and sustainably sourced (certified by the Marine Stewardship Council) for an exceptionally high quality fish oil. 

Why choose Wild and Pure Omega 3?

If you expect the best from your supplements. If the purity and sustainability of your choice is a major consideration. If you want an Omega 3 that delivers on potency and efficacy - then this product is for you.

The new and highly innovative Omega 3 Pure & Wild is the world’s purest Omega 3 supplement.

Produced from sustainable, wild caught Alaskan pollock, it is in a 100% natural and superior triglyceride form, just as nature intended.

Each batch is tested to have a market leading TOTOX (total oxidation value) and absolute purity. You will not find a better or purer fish oil on the worldwide market. 

 Therapeutic dose:

Each 1000mg fish gelatin capsule contains a potent 70% concentration of fatty acids delivering 400mg of EPA and 300mg of DHA for optimal and fast health benefits. 

Purity at it’s best:

Each capsule contains Omega 3 in its natural and superior Triglyceride Form (TG), wits a market leading TOTOX score (indicates freshness and oxidation) of less than 5 at encapsulation.

Each batch produced is tested for purity, potency, contaminants and heavy metals.

The majority of the worlds omega 3 is derived from toxic waters, is heavily contaminated and contains additives producing a highly synthetic oil which is difficult to digest (hence the fish aftertaste and burps!).

Environmentally conscious:

As with all our Natroceutics products, for each unit sold we regenerate the environment by planting a tree.

Limited quantities are available because the oil is fished sustainably and certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.

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